We are extremely excited to announce that Ikelite, the makers of underwater dive housings for cameras, have come on board as a supporting sponsor of STAND. Ikelite have been in the business of not only keeping expensive cameras dry, but ensuring the quality of the images isn’t compromised for 50 years now. What’s more, they make housings for bigger DLSR cameras like our Canon 5Ds, right through to point and shoot cameras, not to mention all manner of underwater lights, strobes and compasses.

Raph Bruhwiler in the back waters of Tofino- Ph- Anthony Bonello|Ikelite USA

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Ikelite joined the STAND project in support of the issues surrounding conserving our natural spaces and environment, particularly our waters. The housing and lights will be put to use documenting the rich marine life here on BC’s coast along with plenty of surfing and paddling as we continue to shoot for STAND. The housings are fully featured meaning each and every button functions in the water along with the ability to review the LCD screen which offers complete control over settings and what we are capturing. This in turn makes for a better shots and the ability to record those spontaneous moments that can be so fleeting. Modular ports mean we can run a wide variety of lens to really find the frame we want. They are built solidly also which is a relief when wearing a wave on the head.

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So look out for some fresh new aquatic visuals in both photo and video form in the near future thanks to Ikelite.

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Be sure to check out the Ikelite website as you can be sure there will be a housing that will suit your camera, big or small, that will have you capturing your own liquid adventures.

Raph Bruhwiler in his element outside Tofino- Ph- Anthony Bonello|Ikelite USA

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