Masset, Haida Gwaii. Eagle central. Photo: Nicolas Teichrob

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We are currently hanging out on the boat in Queen Charlotte City.  We arrived last night after a 26 hours of sailing/motoring from Masset southward.  The passage around Rose Spit was quite adventurous and Anthony and I, who were both sleeping at the time, bolted out of bed and scrambled to get on deck before our dinner became lunch for the fish.  Slowly we are gaining our sea legs.

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Norm in Masset. Photo: Nicolas Teichrob

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Norm heading out on Day 1. Photo: Nicolas Teichrob

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3 days ago Norm began the 300km paddling expedition from Old Masset.  His first day was long, and we met him on the beach right before Rose Spit, courtesy of Mike of North Beach Surf Shop who rallied us in his truck along the sand.  Norm traded boards, strapped on overnight gear and continued paddling.  He spent that night solo and we sent him on a ‘Survivorman’ type film mission with one of our DSLRs.  He found a cabin for the tight, a dead Humpback whale on the beach, and some much needed rest.

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Day 2 involved paddling most of the east coast of Graham Island, with a never ending shoreline and surely what was some inevitable monotony.   As Norm said, “For every 1000 strokes on the right side I did ~50 strokes on the left side.”

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Norm’s paddle began paddling from the far end of the beach, past Tow Hill and on to Rose Spit.

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Lunch on the boat after a long morning for Norm.

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Part way through day 2 we met him with the boat, fed him a warm lunch, and we continued sailing, this time cruising in the sun on a calm Hecate Strait.  Near the end the day we traded boards with him again and gave him some more gear for overnighting at a friend’s house.  We continued to Queen Charlotte City, and now we wait for his arrival.  Soon we will be off to our ‘orientation’ to Haida Gwaii with the Park’s Canada office, and getting all our ducks in a row for the southern half and arguably more diverse part of the journey.

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Norm paddling off to a bed somewhere.

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Norm is feeling strong and we are all excited about how things are going.  After this, we will be out of contact until June 19ish..somewhere on Vancouver Island.

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Cruising after a great sunset.

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All  photos by Nicolas Teichrob,



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