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We are excited to announce that Quiksilver Waterman have signed on as the presenting sponsor for STAND. Since we had the concept for the film last year, we have been searching for a partner to support the project. That partner, however, needed to be the right fit and believe in the cause, in protecting British Columbia’s West Coast. Thankfully Quiksilver Waterman along with the Quiksilver Foundation share a commitment to the environment, even if it is tucked away on the Central West Coast of Canada.

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The Quiksilver Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to benefiting and enhancing the quality of life for communities of boardriders across the world by supporting environmental, educational, health and youth-related projects.

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Norm Hann and Raph Bruhwhiler are both Quiksilver ambassadors and agreed to join the project from the beginning. Both are true waterman and dedicated to the protection of the waters that they derive so much enjoyment from as well as the occasional seafood platter. Having Quiksilver Waterman involved makes the perfect trilogy and will allow us as filmmakers to illuminate the stories, adventures and landscapes that abound in this truly magic part of the world.

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Watch this space.

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