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Late Saturday night I arrived in Bella Bella and woke the next morning to the Heiltsuk Nation preparing for the Enbridge Joint Review Panel (JRP). The JRP is a forum for the people potentially affected by the pipeline and tanker route to voice their concerns. The three JRPmembers arrived on a plane and were greeted at the airport by the Heiltsuk Chiefs and the greater community, many with t-shirts and banners protesting the tankers.

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It was a long day with a feast in the community hall, dancing and singing, many distinguished guests speaking out against the Enbridge project, and the JRP canceling Monday’s proceedings because they felt threatened. The Heiltsuk Nation issued a statement that is in short expressed how offended they were and how they are known for being a friendly and peaceful community.

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The biggest statement about how serious people are about not wanting tankers plying these waters, was when the students from the Bella Bella Community School began a 48hr hunger strike. Aged between 13 and 17, they are making a silent protest to highlight what it would be like if their natural food resources were spoiled by an oil spill. It is heavy stuff and so far the kids are in good spirits and upbeat about, well, being hungry.

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