The class hard at workBack home after a hectic 10 days away shooting for STAND. The week of the Joint Review Panel hearings was intense, enlightening and humbling. The courage of the students that undertook the hunger strike was inspirational. They are young people with little real perspective on just how rich they are in terms of their culture and geography, yet they are trying to realize it. They can be timid and just plain adolescent, but when they stood before the JRP and spoke, they gained in strength and stature and articulated flawlessly their reasons that the pipeline and tanker route are a bad idea.

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So amid all the media attention and buzz around what is usually a very quiet Bella Bella, it was a real treat to have the opportunity to spend time with the students in the wood shop where they are currently working on the construction of their own cedar stand up paddleboards. The boards are far from easy to create, but they are doing a really polished job. Check out the gallery to see where they are at.

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Gene working on his boardThe class hard at workJRP members paid the woodshop a visit to check out the boards during a break.Blake and Courtney are helped by teacher Chris Williamson.Koran sandingAnthony filming KoranCourtney as captured on film.

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